P E A C E – What is peace?

P E A C E – What is peace?


By: Nooralhuda Alhachami


First if we think about peace I am sure that each one of us have their own definition of peace. But now I’m going to tell you about my own definition. Peace is to feel free about your religion, ideas and concepts in your community or in any other community. And at the same time, you find yourself able to accept others as humans. Peace is where you can feel safe and free about who you are.

And I can tell that unfortunately peace is what we are missing in our world generally and our Iraqi community especially. Now if I ask you about the main reason of humanity destruction, ignorance and poverty. I expect that the first answer in your mind is “WARS”. War is what we grew up with and war has a space in our minds and the reasons of war are hate, selfishness, grudge, negative-evil actions and reactions Conflicts, wars, hate are all against peace. And if we have them we won’t live peaceably.


Peace is a lifestyle that generations must grow up with and be aware about. So as a young energy with a mind full of the ideas that tell “peace is a necessary for humans”. For me personally or in a group I choose children to help them know more about peace and how it’s important. Children are the new generations that going to build our future country and represent the Iraqi community and they are our hope.


And, children represent peace in every single day of their lives, we can see that they have those pure souls, clean of aggression and grudges. Peace is simple as children’s souls but important.


Finally, peace means love, freedom, safety, calmness, acceptance, forgiveness, and the love of giving-helping Peace is our way to live happily.


Now reading those words about peace can make you feel so comfortable so what if you find them in your real life?


And are you a peace builder in your community?

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