Children Peace Makers Project Goal is to Change the Iraqi Community and the point of the start is the Children, So we want to improve the Iraqi children skills and encourage their Talents & Ideas Through Variety Activities such as workshops, Carnival, etc.

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Project Goals

Why Children?

The project team believes that children are the future of Iraqi society To change this society we have to work on the smallest group in this society Trying to help them change their thoughts and plant the seeds of change within them So that the process of change in the society is a sequence from the smallest to the largest As well as the reality of children living in Iraqi society today and we are working to provide solutions for The problems they face and prevent them from reaching their dreams and goals in life.


#اليوم_العالمي_للتطوع | #International_Volunteer_Day

        #اليوم_العالمي_للتطوع | #International_Volunteer_Day بمناسبة اليوم العالمي للتطوع نحب نكول شكراً لكل المتطوعين في العالم، التغيير في هذا العالم يبدء بخطوات.. واهمها #التطوع نرحب بكل المتطوعين الي يحبون يكونون جزء من عائلتنا ❤️ تكدر الان تسجل بأستمارة التطوع لمشروعنا من خلال الرابط: http://cpm-iq.org/join-us/ #ساهم_بالتغيير | #تطوع_الان | #بناء_السلام ☮️